There is always more than what meets the eye. With a striking fondness for fashion and style, plus an adventurous personality that brings her to many wonderful places in the world, Nneka is not your ordinary girl at twenty. Even when standing at 5"9, she believes that the world is still much better in heelsher classy and demure front a stark contrast to her dauntless and out-of-this-world tendencies. True to her part-Japanese roots, Nneka has a particular inclination to anything Japanese albeit still a true Filipina at heart. She just graduated from Ateneo de Manila University, majoring in BS Life Sciences and is currently pursuing her lifetime goal as a health care professional.

In an attempt to do everyone a favor and show them how beautiful the world really is, Nneka created LONG STRIDES: a personal blog dedicated to all her takes and insights on fashion, as well as her interesting travel experiences and lifestyle choices that will hopefully inspire everyone to always strive for beauty in many ways lighthearted and indelible. Take a peek into her world as she brings you.

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