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A Roman Holiday: 10 Things to do in Rome

September 7, 2017

What is there to really that you can’t say about Rome? History, art, architecture, food—the list goes on. Rome is the gift that keeps on giving. Take it from a girl who loves traveling, Rome can easily slip it's way as one of your favourite cities in the world.
As anyone who has been to Rome can tell you, it’s a secretive city, alternately displaying its treasures and then hiding other jewels in quiet places awaiting for travellers to find them. And as the saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so I've come up of a list of my top 10 ways to discover the best that the Eternal City has to offer.

1. See the iconic Coloseum
Hey now, hey now... I'm sure every 90's Disney kid have seen that movie more times than we can count, well who could forget how Lizzie belted out "This is what dreams are made of" and she was indeed right, being in front of the famous Coloseo is really picturistique on its own right.

2. Have a Roman Holiday moment and climb the Spanish Steps 
A girl can dream of emulating the style and beauty of the iconic Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann and what better way to experience it,  but by having your own Roman Holiday moment. Yes I can  truly attest that one of my favorite classic movies came to life, whether it was Audrey as Princess Ann standing on the Spanish Steps or on the back of a Vespa with Joe Bradley. 

3. Discover Ancient Rome
Lets see everything in Rome has been present sine 2500 years ago, The Eternal City boasts the unique combination of a captivating living museum and a heavily-populated, modern metropolitan city. No matter where your Roman adventure takes you, you are sure to have an experience unlike any other in the world. Rome is filled with breathtaking ancient ruins and monuments, but you will also fall in love with its charming piazzas, family-owned shops, and cobblestone streets.

4. Make a wish in Trevi Fountain
This was the place I didn't mind losing a few cents. Legend has it that throwing a coin into the fountain will guarantee that you’ll return to the Eternal City. Throwing in a second coin will not only get you a return trip to Rome, but also an exciting new romance. Take note throw the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder. Cross fingers for those wishes!!

5. People watch at the famed Piazza Venezia
It is the central hub of Rome and its hard to miss since it is where all four major roads meet. It's a good thing that our Airbnb was just around the corner so I get to really do what I love most in traveling; "people watch". For me its the best way to just be there and immerse in the culture. 

6. Eat your calories by having one (or two) gelatos a day
One of the few decisions I did not regret doing because what else is the best excuse of indulging to your sweet tooth but being in the land from where it originated. So pennies were definitely spent on this one =) 

7. Take a moment at one of the oldest temples of the world, The Pantheon
One of the oldest and well preserved ancient Roman monument. It is a bit of a mystery how the Pantheon managed to survive barbarian raids when all the rest of Roman monuments had been shattered. Also if you're a fan of ancient architecture as myself, you'll surely appreciate what Rome has to offer.

8. Visit the center of Christianity: The Vatican
Yes there are crowds and long lines but there is also the magnificence of St. Peter’s Basilica, the awe inspiring ceiling of the Sistine chapel and people from all walks of life gathered in one place to peacefully take it all in. For an avid architectural fan as myself you would truly appreciate the city's intricate design. 

9. Ofcourse I'd be a hypocrite to say not to shop..
Since you are already at the heart of Italy itself why not just indulge yourself of what Rome has to offer in terms both local and international goods. I myself is a fan of finding unique trinkets from places I've been and for sure you'd also enjoy some of the unique stands in Italy. 

10. Eat your heart out at every Ristorante you can find
Yes the eating never stops, well for me it doesn't. I swear to you everytime you would see a signage with "Ristorante" in it, you practically have no choice but to dine. 

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