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Love Local

May 24, 2017

Let's be real: I'm a twenty something millennial who wants a life full of adventure without spending oodles on plane tickets. Aren't we all seeking travel inspiration, but can't relate to travel bloggers who seems to be in a new city every time we drag down their Instagram feeds. I have two words for you learn to "Love Local".

From easy, low-cost stories of local adventures, you'll see what's amazing about rediscovering where you are. Ever since I entered medical school, I've always wondered how was I going to keep going as a travel blogger if I don't have the time to be in an exotic location? Turns out, its not that hard to achieve the feed goals we always wanted. You just have to get creative and challenge yourself in embracing local adventures. 
I personally think the tagline "It's more fun in the Philippines" is truly befitting of what our country has to offer. Where else would you experience old Spanish Era just north of Metro Manila, in contrast to spending thousands on plane millage. You don't even need to hire guides since everything is accessible for your own convenience. 
So before we decide to plan our next trips, I think its best to first appreciate what our local destinations has to offer. You'll never know what surprises it has in store and sooner or later you might learn to love local. Till then as I share with you my next love local adventure. 

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