Photo Diary: Singapore

July 31, 2016

Because of its compact size, Singapore is very easy to travel and generally safe. It is a top choice for first-time international travel, family trips, and those seeking to indulge in metropolitan luxuries. While costs are significantly higher than the rest of Southeast Asia, a lot of people continue to visit Singapore because of its unique and top-notch attractions that cater to almost every type of traveler.
The Merlion is probably the most intagrammable photo uploaded by most tourists. My advice to you if you want to take a good photo of it without a sea of people as your background is to go early. The park is actually a good place to jog around while waiting for the sun to rise. 
Who am I kidding no matter where I travel there will always be a day reserved for theme parks. And this trip was no exception, luckily my kid at heart go to girl was on the same city as I was. Cheers to us Ce! we finally scratched something from our travel list but we have tons more to go! Well after I pretended to be a kid for a day, I had to fill in a different shoe the next day. Yes I was cultured for a day. And what better place to do it but in a art museum. It was actually my sister who enjoys these kind of strolls and naturally I just tagged along.  
And just like that I'm 2 short closer to completing my Asian experience. Twas a blast Singapore, till next time! 


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