Comfort Zone

January 6, 2016

Often times women find inspiration in men's clothes. We all love seeing our men in handsome man shirts, but this button-down top can work for you, too. Today's key piece is the boyfriend polo shirt. I like how it has eventually made into my staple closet must haves. It's one of those pieces that are
effortlessly versatile and comfy.
One can pair it with different kinds of bottom. If you are tired of wearing tight tops, be ready to experiment on how to wear the boyfriend shirts and create a trendy, casual look. If you wear them right, these shirts can be really chic pieces. The 90's fashion is popping up everywhere in the fashion industry and the oversized boyfriend shirt is definitely one of these items. 
Go for those shirts that are a few sizes larger than you would usually purchase. A trendy boyfriend shirt has to be longer, hitting your bottom. It should look a bit oversized on you, so don't worry if here and there they are a little baggy on you. 
One of the reasons why I decided to choose this kind of look is that one of my closest friends once told me that she would never imagine me wearing anything less than a skirt, dress or skinny jeans with matching peep toe heels (yep that's you Ce!). Well she was right about that, I kept on laughing while looking at the result shots cause it definitely was out of my comfort zone. But I was glad I did try it to prove myself wrong and I definitely would try more of these looks.

Photos by: Rea Vicencio

Marks & Spencer Top | Pants | Balenciaga Bag | Adidas Shoes 

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