Electric Blue

February 9, 2015

At one point or another, we have exhaustedly looked at our closet and discovered that there are essentially only three different color palettes to choose from, and then we start thinking about adding more variety to our wardrobe.  This is the very problem I keep struggling with until....
today. I constantly make a mental note to myself that when the next shopping trip comes around, I'd choose a rather different shade. But, truth be told, who can resist staying on the safe zone of black or white ensembles? Even if the pieces come in different shades, I still end up choosing the same colors that I've been too used to. Turns out there's a reason why we gravitate towards the same color over and over again because we think that these shades look better on our skin tone. So, just how can you know what colors will flatter you best?
1. Know your undertone. 
There are only two kinds of undertone: it's either cool or warm. Cool-toned women generally look best in cool colors like black, white, royal blue, silver, etc. For warm-toned women, it is suggested that they go for earthly shades like burnt orange, sunny yellow, leafy green, maple red or gold. 

2. Familiarize yourself with the color wheel.
Color-mixing has always been a trend for the past few years, so it's worth taking the time understanding how the colors work. If you split the color wheel in half, you'd easily notice that the one half is comprised of warm colors and the other half with the cool ones. Pick any color and trace it to its direct opposite and just like that, you now have two complementary colors to match.  

Get to know these simple steps and next time, you'll be less afraid to go for a bolder color. You can also save your besties from disastrous decisions, for which they'll forever be grateful. 

Photos by: Cece Tiu

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