Romping Around

January 7, 2015

It's been awhile since my last entry and I have been so busy with school lately so this post is gonna be a quick one. Before I got to splurge on food over the Christmas break and went nearly comatose because of it, I celebrated the end of those sleepless nights of deadlines and the.....
official start of my holidays with a well-deserved night out with friends. Since it was a spur-of-the-moment kind of celebration, it was convenient to wear a romper which is one of my favorite go-to ensembles! What makes rompers great is that they're actually pretty versatile, even when they don't seem to look like it because after all, rompers are of a unique type of clothing wherein the top and the bottom is actually pieced into one and not mixed and matched. Rompers are all about the cuts, designs, colors, patterns, fabrics, and length so there's no limit for possibilities.

Rompers are incredibly easy to wear and they also require very little maintenance. But if you’d like to inject a little sense of style into your outfit, you can add some statement accessories or a nice leather jacket. Just remember that they can get sexy without being overstated.  You don't have to weigh less than 90 pounds to pull off this look, and no, you're not going to look like a 2-year-old either! As long as you find the right size, it will be one of your best options for a laid-back look. 

Photos by: Chiara Cabantac

Pink Manila Romper | Schu Shoes | Louis Vuitton Bag | Accessories from Africa 

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