What's in my bag?

November 17, 2015

I have done quite a bit of travelling in the past few years, both internationally and domestically. I enjoy taking off to new places, whether they are exotic or just the opposite, but perhaps even more than that, I like sharing my experiences and my adventures with you guys. In this post I'd like to share some tips on how to travel in a smart and stylish way.

First things first: What to pack in your carry-on?
Bangkok, Thailand

Photo Diary: Bangkok, Thailand

September 9, 2015

 Arriving in Bangkok, the first thing that hit us was the heat. Summing up all the sun from the countries I've jet off to is the very reason why I came back one shade darker.  Bangkok is Asia's backpacking capital. This route is popular for a dozen things, but its "exotic" culture

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

July 17, 2015

Angkor Wat is a temple you have to see at least once in your life. It was literally like living inside a postcard. Every glance and step took me a hundred years to the past. Every scenic view was so magnificent that it was almost impossible for me to choose the photos

Angkor Thom, Cambodia

June 11, 2015

Wandering around Cambodia was nothing short of surreal. I've always thought I could only picture these images in Google. But since I have quite a long bucket list of what I hope to see and experience in the world, I've finally decided to check one off this summer. The incredible structures

Spring Blues

April 27, 2015

New spring outfit ideas can be difficult, specially if the weather isn't quite warm as you'd like it to be. The perfect spring outfit often has less to do with not having the right items, and more to do with knowing on how to put them together. In fact it is safe to.....

Black & White

April 7, 2015

It has been awhile since my last blog entry. So much has happened in a span of one month. I am proud to say that I have finally earned the degree I have put my heart and soul for the last 4 years. And I for one can't wait for the next chapter......

Electric Blue

February 9, 2015

At one point or another, we have exhaustedly looked at our closet and discovered that there are essentially only three different color palettes to choose from, and then we start thinking about adding more variety to our wardrobe.  This is the very problem I keep struggling with until....

Floral Bloom

January 29, 2015

As much as I love living in a tropical country, how it'd be like if we could also experience four seasons in a year is something I couldn't resist imagining. But since our weather here in the Philippines won't change anytime soon to cater to my wishful.......
Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Postcards from Samal

January 20, 2015

It's a new year, and for me there's just no better way to celebrate it than to hit the beach! One of the few reasons as to why I still prefer going home to Davao is the fact that the beaches there are magnificent enough to be considered worth going back to, and the best.......

Romping Around

January 7, 2015

It's been awhile since my last entry and I have been so busy with school lately so this post is gonna be a quick one. Before I got to splurge on food over the Christmas break and went nearly comatose because of it, I celebrated the end of those sleepless nights of deadlines and the.....

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