Weekend Constants

December 11, 2014

Do you ever see white in your future? No, I'm not talking about your dream wedding when the time comes but rather, if white can probably be foreseen as your #1 go-to color. Nothing spells simplicity better than white. Let's face it: every woman prefers this color because not only......
does it make you look fresh and inviting but more importantly, everyone seems to look fantastic in white. Also, one of the reasons why this color is such a staple in my closet is because it's the perfect color to don when in search for a laid -back or a casual look. 

Don't you just wish that everyday is just like a relaxed weekend because you get to wear just the basic pieces and then play it up with vibrant colors in between? A basic piece isn't that basic anymore once you dress it up a bit. My all-time favorite and simple weekend look consists of a plain tee and some other detailed piece; in this case, a circular skirt. Instead of going with my usual black-colored skirts, I went for the basic blue which also features some neutral hues to balance it out. 

Photos by: Pierce Manlangit and Chiara Cabantac

Nita Top & Skirt | Prada Bag | Naturalizer Heels | H&M Accessories

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