Welcome November

November 5, 2014

It's official: I'm welcoming November as part of my first times in life. They say welcoming a new year is rather the perfect timing for new beginnings but who says you can't do it towards the end of the year? For as the saying goes, "Everyday is a new beginning. Stay away......
from what might have been and look what can be." So here I am starting a new chapter with you, be a part and witness as I share my love for fashion, travel and a few others in between.

I wasn't always a fan of wearing midi skirts. I used to believe that my skirts should just either be short or long, and that anything in between is kinda off. But as fashion has always proven, one must never say never until it's given a try. Now I've come to love how midi skirts effortlessly flatter the body length, especially when wearing them with heels as they give more effect to the legs. In addition to giving the legs a slender impression, midi skirts can also accentuate the body shape. The trick is to wear them just above the waist or the navel to emphasize all the right parts of your body. For girls like me who are a bit curvier at the bottom half, this type of skirt is perfect for us!

Since the midi skirt is perfect for pulling off this season's demure, lady-like trends, tops that contrarily show a bit more skin easily matches with it. In my case, I chose a white crop top to highlight the vibrant color of the skirt. You can always choose what type and color of tops to wear depending on the look you are aiming for. 


Never have I pictured myself sharing tiny bits of me out here in the little corner of the internet but along the way, I have learned that life shouldn't be lived with what-if's. Consequently, I followed what a close friend of mine has been convincing me to do for quite a while now and decided to give blogging a chance.

"Life is too short to wait."

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Photos taken by Jowe Posadas

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